Friday, 26 July 2013


Woops; wrong tourist...

One of the Things That Annoy Me in this world are tourists. And I don't mean when people come over here to the UK, I mean when people go abroad.

Let me explain...

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I recently spent a few days in Majorca (or Mallorca - potayto, potahto) and we loved the trip. The food was nice, the weather was perfect and the hotel was right next to the beach. Idyllic. The only issue with the trip was the people. The hosts were fairly rude (some were lovely); but I assume that's the case in most touristy places as I bet they deal with a lot of horrible people. So I can understand their rudeness and they aren't the ones I'm complaining about.

The people my girlfriend and I got really pissed off at were the other tourists. I know, we were tourists too, but we were respectable. We always said "ola" and "gracias", had a smile on our face and were polite. We weren't raucous, didn't shout in the street and we had manners. However, the other tourists there just walked into us, didn't say sorry or thank you and just pushed in front of us whenever possible. I know we were obviously English and we haven't the best reputation abroad, but this was ridiculous. 

One instance sticks out in my mind. We were at an Aquarium (it was awesome) and sometimes there were small tanks with fish in that you had to take turns to see. So my girlfriend, Shannon, stood patiently behind this big non-Spanish guy until it was her turn to see the fish. This guy stood back, stood on both of Shannon's feet, bumped her, then walked off. No hint of an apology or anything. We both just glared at the obnoxious bastard and left it at that.

There were countless rude people whilst we were away, tourists and locals, and it's really sad. Why would you go abroad and act like a douche to everyone? Why would you be horrible on holiday; surely that's when you should be happy?

If only I owned my own Caribbean island...

Friday, 28 June 2013

...Liam Gallagher

Covering up his Beady Eyes (see what I did there?)
One of the many Things That Annoy Me is a certain celebrity. However, for me, this is a difficult one to write about as I have admired him for all my musical life. Hell, it was the band he fronted that made me fall in love with music. Anyway, it's the younger of the two (in)famous Gallagher brothers; Liam.

I'm a huge Oasis fan. They're my favourite band and I will always say that Liam is the best front man and that Noel Gallagher is a genius and an incredible solo artist in his own right. Sure, they've both said some offensive and daft things in the past. NME even has a slideshow of the top 50 Liam quotes; many of which are sledging every other musician under the sun (except John Lennon, of course).

To me, this show of pride, swagger and "mad fer it" attitude was wholly justified; Oasis were the biggest band in the world at one point. They've had 8 no. 1 singles, every studio album comfortably went to no. 1. Even their collection of B-sides went to no. 2. Liam and Noel had every right to boast about themselves and be cocky because, well, they were at the top. People may not have liked it, but many loved it. I certainly did.

But we're in 2013 now. Oasis was 4 years ago. Their last album was poor by their standards and now we're in the Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds vs. Beady Eye stage. To me, NGHFB album was brilliant. The two Beady Eye albums (Different Gear, Still Speeding and BE) have been good, but a definitive second to older brother Noel.

I've just been setting the background for those who don't know by the way; I haven't fully graced why Liam has gone from bona fide star to, well, annoying.

Essentially, it boils down to the fact that nothing he says feels like the truth. When Beady Eye first formed, he was very anti-Noel and anti-Oasis. It was all "we're not going to play any Oasis songs at our gigs" and "Oasis is dead; never reforming" and all that. True, he stuck to his guns with that ... until Noel brought out his album. His tune then started slowly changing, to the point where over the past 2-3 years, Beady Eye have been playing a lot more Oasis songs - that Noel wrote - (even performing "Wonderwall" at the Olympics Closing Ceremony) and even in an interview recently, Liam was asked that, if Noel contacted him about reforming Oasis, what would his response be? His response? "Bring it on".

And all this recent crap with Robbie Williams? Eesh. Liam has basically been saying that Beady Eye should be selling out the Etihad Stadium for 3-4 nights instead of playing to 1500 at the Ritz. His excuse? Saying that the band isn't ready for big gigs. So why slate Mr. Williams, who has clearly been able to generate more success away from his first band/group? Beady Eye aren't ready for big gigs but can play live on The Voice semi final?

Nothing Liam Gallagher says has any continuity any more. Almost no reasoning. He just keeps going back on his word as he realises he isn't as good as he thinks he is.

It's sad as a die-hard Oasis fan to admit it, but the singer is just a singer. I've always preferred Noel as a person and as a talent, but it's plain for everyone to see; Noel is king.

Liam should be crawling back to 'our kid'.

(apologies for the lack of posts recently; my girlfriend helped out the other week with a brilliant post on the Radio. Check it out!

Posts will become frequent again. Thanks for your patience)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

... The Radio

Hello, Shannon here. For this week, as the owner of the blog (my boyfriend) has gone off on holiday, I'll be bringing you a few of the things that annoy me. And my first entry is a complaint on, yes, the radio.

Now, for me, when I'm a passenger in a car (I don't drive), I love nothing better than being able to sing along to a great song on the radio. The problem is that it takes the majority of a journey to even find a song  - and even then it tends to be some repetitive, irritating club 'anthem'.

Every station is full of tedious chat from annoying DJs that is enough to send anyone to sleep. I understand that without a bit of on-air banter, their jobs would be boring, but do they have to drone on about a load of crap the whole time? It seems that on the rare occasions they do play a decent song, they start talking over the top of it half way through! We don't care that it's your nan's birthday, just play a good tune!

If I'm on a long journey, I tend to be the one to bring along CDs. That way we know we're going to hear something decent. But on a simple ten minute drive, you think you can get away with the radio. Nope. It leaves you feeling well and truly irritated and it's not just because of the DJs..

The adverts on radio are by far the cheesiest, most unfunny adverts known to man. Since there's no picture, we have to endure listening to D-list celebrities talking about car insurance, and "aliens" claiming they need a loan. It's not funny, it just makes me want to switch off and have a good old fashioned conversation!

Actually, maybe that's their whole intention.

Friday, 24 May 2013

...12 Year Old's Clothing

One of the Things That Annoy Me, and this really does infuriate me, is when you see young girls dressed like the everyday common slut.

It's seems to be a common trend nowadays for little girls to wear a shed-load of make up, skin-tight leggings and glued to their latest smartphone. Listening to Rihanna, strutting down the street, cursing and using sexually expletive language.

It's foul.


And quite frankly (aside from "blaming society" (which is kinda true)), it's another prime example of shoddy parenting.

Morals are a wonderful thing in this world, but it's the feckless, uncaring, irresponsible parents that lead to having feckless, uncaring, irresponsible kids. It's just going to be one massive cycle of teenage pregnancies, public brawls and The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Okay, I may have gone slightly off topic (I tend to do that), but back to the main point...

What sort of a parent would be happy seeing their little princess (God forbid if the kid is actually called Princess) walking around town centres wearing a tracksuit that says "juicy" on the bum, or a t-shirt that says "slut" in glitter?

I understand that a near-teenage girl is at a very confusing age, both mentally and physically, but that's where normality and guidance can help. Allowing them to have clothes that wouldn't go amiss on Amy Childs is something that nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to see.

Oh, and if you happen to be a 12 year old skank and you're reading this, I have some words of wisdom for you;

You're a child. You may think you're an adult who can do adult things, but you can't. I'm 20, and I felt the same when I was 13, but you're wrong. Act like a kid and behave.

P.s. for all ages; if you dress like a skank, you will attract the worst men. So don't complain when your boyfriend cheats on you.

Sunday, 5 May 2013


One of the Things That Annoy Me about driving is cyclists.

Damn cyclists...
I'm not having a go at cycling in general. It's a good sport, enjoyable pastime and an excellent way to keep fit. The downside of cycling is that it's a mode of transport.

Last time I checked, roads were built for cars. Lorries. Vans. Motorbikes. Things that generally have an engine. The idea of roads is so that humans can travel to destinations which are too far to walk. The automobile is an invention to cater to this need.

I may be coming across as a car snob here, but if you are a cyclist, then there's a 50% chance that you piss off motorists.

When I'm driving along on a 60mph road, I surprisingly want to travel at that speed. If I see a cyclist ahead of me, I am going to overtake you because humans can't pedal at that speed on a constant basis like my Mini can. So why does the cyclist in this example not move over to the side? You don't have to stop, but give me room so I don't clip you with my wing mirror. You don't own the road. The unwritten law of driving is the biggest vehicle decides who rules. You being a knob, getting in the way of cars going at proper speeds and act as if you're king of the road is beyond annoying.

It's also stupid. I mean look at you? Last time I checked, cyclists haven't the most protection. Your lyrca and carbon fibre frame aren't exactly going to protect you from 1500kg of German machinery. I'm not saying I'm going to mow you down, but if you move to the centre of the road when I'm overtaking you, it's your own fault.

When cyclists continue to pedal and take up a lot of the road, they cause a hazard to themselves. However, that's self-inflicted stupidity. It's the fact that you cause a hazard to other motorists is what annoys me.


Friday, 26 April 2013

...England Football Team

Every damn time...

One of the Things That Annoy Me is the England football (soccer) team. Year after year, tournament after tournament, we think that this is going to be our year. We'll end the drought since 1966 and bring home a trophy. Or at least get to a final. But it never happens. And why is that?

The Barclays Premier League is always viewed as one of, if not the, best leagues in the world. We attract many of the world's best players to play on our shores and we have some of the richest and most historical clubs in world football. Champions League positions don't lie; we often have two or more teams in the quarter finals, semis, and even an all English final back in 2008. So why doesn't our national team produce?


There have been many of these. I'll try and go through some of the theories.
  1. Our players aren't gifted enough.
  2. There aren't enough English players at top clubs.
  3. They're overpaid.
  4. We aren't creative.
All of these are potential reason, but not the real reason we don't succeed. We have had some of the best players in the world over the past 15 years. Names like David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand; these are world class players. They all play/played pivotal roles at their clubs and often came top of the assists tables (in the case of Scholes, Becks and Gerrard). Paying them too much isn't hindering them either. Messi is the best player in the world and he gets paid something like €300,000 per week.

So why do we fail so often?


We just don't care enough. We aren't brave enough, we aren't inventive enough, we aren't confident enough. The teams we had in 2002, 2004 and 2006 were easily good enough to win a tournament and they didn't. Why? We don't have heart. Playing for England, sadly, comes second for these players to their clubs.

And if it isn't the heart that fails, it's the belief. We have a fear of losing. Penalties, the Germans; it's always the same. The belief dies as soon as we get to the quarter finals.

Some of them do, admittedly. Beckham always gave his all for England, Gerrard always gives 110%, Owen was a man possessed when he put on a white shirt. Shame a lot of the others don't. It's sad.

It's also highly annoying for patriotic Lions like myself.

Still, it won't stop me putting on my shirt, singing God Save The Queen as loudly as possible during the anthems and cheering them on forever more.

Come on, England!

Monday, 22 April 2013

...Luis Suarez

One of the Things That Annoy Me is the Liverpool and Uruguay footballer; Luís Suarez.

Before I start getting hate and shed loads of "YNWA" messages, I'd just like to say I am a Liverpool Football Club supporter. I have been since Michael Owen scored that wonder goal against Argentina in '98 when I was 5. I love the club, its history, tradition and pride.

"If you had offered Suarez a point before the game,
he'd have bitten your hand off!"
That's why when someone like Suarez comes along and represents the club, it's an embarrassment. It's embarrassing for the fans having to defend him, the manager who has to publicly support him and the players who have to be his team mate. He soils the rich history of Liverpool Football Club with the way he behaves on the pitch. I don't care what he's like off it (by all accounts, he's a really nice guy) because he isn't representing the club then. He does when he plays.

The timing of this article obviously coincides with what happened yesterday (21/04/2013) when he bit Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea. I repeat: he bit another player. He wasn't even provoked by the Chelsea defender - he just went out of his way to attempt to take a chunk out of his arm. Also, in the same game, he gave away a needless penalty through using his hand to stop Torres heading the ball. Obviously not as bad as biting someone, but it highlights how much of a liability and a cheat he is.

The flip-side for Liverpool though is he's a tremendous player. He's our, and the Premier League's, leading scorer, has many assists to his name and has the ability to change a game in a heartbeat. He scored the last minute equaliser against Chelsea yesterday; he's that kind of player. Personally, I think he's overrated. He's brilliant, but I'd rather have Aguero. Suarez gives the ball away far too easily at times and, for every awesome performance he has, it comes with two bad ones.

To me though, it doesn't matter how good he is. What matters most is how he is viewed by the public. As an example; I can't stand Chelsea. Want to know why? It's because of the players they've had over the past 10 years. Drogba, Robben, Terry, Ashley Cole; they're all horrible either on the field, off it or both. Because of them, I dislike a football club. I don't want the same to be said of Liverpool.

The biting isn't even an isolated piece of controversy:
  • At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, he denied Ghana a place in the Semi-Finals by saving the ball with his hand. He then wildly celebrated after being sent off when the Ghanaian missed the resulting penalty. He claimed he made the "save of the tournament".
  • Later in the same year, he was banned for 7 games for biting an opponent's shoulder whilst playing for Ajax.
  • In 2011, now at Liverpool, he was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra, repetitively calling him "negrita". He was banned for 8 games.
  • 2013; found guilty of biting Branislav Ivanovic. FA decision pending.
That doesn't include the amount of times he has waved imaginary yellow cards, dived or simulated injury.
As a proud Liverpool fan, he infuriates me. I wish the LFC board would have more balls and sell him in the summer. He's easily replaceable with the money we'll get for him.
If we don't sell, I hope he's banned. If it was rugby, he'd be out for 6 months. Quite frankly, he should be imprisoned. With those teeth, he could puncture someone's lung.

How do you feel about Luís Suarez?